CHA Trade Show

by admin on May 21, 2011

With only a few hours to scan the CHA Trade Show (Craft & Hobby Association) which took place in Los Angeles in late January, I still came away inspired by the talent shown in the samples displayed and by new tools and products that answered the quest of the designer.

The CHA Show is always a “happy show” with lots of participation by the attendees.  After walking miles of aisles, it does not take long for a booth to fill up with people taking a “make it and take it” break. That’s great way to get the product in the hands of shop owners and editors and give them the feeling of what they can do in their own stores or for upcoming features.

Color was everywhere. Above, a pile of pillows showed off many of the trims that can be found in the local sewing or craft store.



Recycling has always been a part of the crafter’s mantra and supply box.  As I looked at these strands of beads, it brought back memories of rolling pages and pages of slick magazine sheets back in the Brownies… how come our results never looked this good?

What you could do with your magazine stash!

Now you can find these “jewels” in the best shops and museums of the world, merging the craft and the art.  Just check out the recent MAD (Museum of Arts and Design) exhibit of African jewelry.

Not one for the patience of knitting, this might be a new spin on a yarn (hmmm), that I could try. Coils of color are made by wrapping yarn around flexible piping and then formed into sculpture.  My attempts though would probably end up looking like my 2nd grade magazine jewelry.

The show stoppers went on and on. Check back to find some of the tools and new products I found at CHA.




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