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In 2011, Joan Greenhut and I were asked to make costumes for upcoming opera performances for the Long Island, NY based North Shore Music Festival. Their executive director, Daniel Klein, was well “aware” of the odds and ends of beautiful home decorating fabrics and trims that were sitting idle in my studio, left over from editorial step-by-step photo shoots and decorating seminars that I had presented over the years.  “Why not put those gorgeous textiles to a new use and recycle the partially-done samples into some elegant and colorful costumes,” he suggested.

So was born the “costume shop” facet of Maureen Klein Creative Design Services.  From those remnants, and discarded sample book swatches, Joan and I fashioned costumes for Pagiliacci, Don Pasqualle, La Bohemme, Tosca and more.

It was not long before Benjamin Spearman saw those performances that took place in the stunning Sands Point Guggenheim Castle and asked if we would like to be the costume team for his Bronx Opera’s ( ) upcoming production of La gazza ladra, January, 2013.  And the best part… he had a budget line for it!

Apparently we did a fine job, as we have been creating costumes for The Bronx Opera, North Shore Music Festival and more, ever since!



A few of the costumes on the stars of the Bronx Opera production of Kirk Mechem’s  The Rivals… even The New York Times review liked what they saw and included several photos with their printed feature.

The Rivals BXO 2014 M Klein collage 640kb


upstairs , downstairs maids 421KB

The happy and talented upstairs / downstairs help at the Newport mansion.

jaspar and. 414kbjpg

The best dressed for sure.

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Playing Composer, of Course, to Impress

…Benjamin Spierman oversaw a smart production, with spare yet appropriately detailed sets by Scott Aronow, thoughtful lighting by G. Benjamin Swope and attractive costumes by Joan Greenhut and Maureen Klein…

–Steve Smith, The New York Times,  January 12, 2014 online; January 13, 2014 printed feature

For complete review:


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 An Unrivaled Performance from the Bronx Opera

…In the Spiermans’ hands, the central singers and chorus moved surely through the shifting setting by Scott Aronow, with handsome costumes by Joan Greenhut and Maureen Klein, and lighting by G. Benjamin Swope.

–Richard Sasanow,, January 27, 2014

For complete review:

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 Bronx Opera Gives Mechem’s “Rivals,” after Sheridan, a Local Premiere

…Sets by Scott Aronow effectively suggested a Newport mansion and its grounds and costumes by Joan Greenhut and Maureen Klein were apt to the setting.

— Bruce-Michael Gelbert [Q]on Stage, January, 2014

For complete review:

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the mayor 5779


Dan w 05808



…the period-appropriate costumes (Joan Greenhut, Maureen Klein) had been well assembled and gave color to the proceedings…

–David Shengold, Opera News Online: La Gazza Ladra, Bronx Opera NYC, January 12, 2013

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How Many Songbirds Does It Take To Produce A Thrilling Magpie?

…The chorus was particularly strong, but retained a unified softness much like the softness of the earthy colors chosen by the set designer Jim Howard, and the costume designers Joan Greenhut and Maureen Klein.  The blending of the color and sound tones nicely recreated the rural village atmosphere for me.

But, for me the stand-out caricature performance came from Daniel Klein as the Mayor, who was as fun to watch as to hear…and I must say the audience agreed with me without a doubt.

Review, OuterStage, January 25, 2013

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 …The set design by Jim Howard was simple: a stage bordered by vertical black and white curtains, filled with period furniture carried on and off by the cast. The costumes of Joan Greenhut and Maureen Klein were period perfect.

–Joel Benjamin,, January 24, 2013

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Dress rehearsal of North Shore Music Festival's Barber of Seville.  With a castle setting like this little additional scenery is required.
Dress rehearsal of North Shore Music Festival’s Barber of Seville. With a castle setting like this little additional scenery is required.

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