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Home Decorating Seminars

Choose any of these popular seminars… or request a custom-designed workshop to suit your particular needs.

Window Wonders

The fabulous looks you’ve seen in magazines and showhouses can be yours with a little time and the right instructions. The workshop will include tips on selecting fabric and measuring techniques and the “how-to” for creating and installing some stunning windowscapes. Find out about the products that can help you create stylish cornices, swags, drapes and shades. See samples of some of the latest hardware and even some “home-grown” ideas you can create. From the basics to more challenging styles and shapes, even curvaceous arches, you will learn some of the tricks workrooms and stylists use to make those magazine masterpieces look just right. And of course, those colorful slides and samples will emphasize the importance of the designer details and decorative trims.

Off the Wall…And On

Learn how to cover a wall with fabric to insulate against the noise and cold, camouflage bumps and cracks, or just to add beautiful pattern and texture to a new surface. Techniques discussed or demonstrated include the gathered or shirred wall, pasting, padding, pleating, quilting and tufting possibilities, even portable walls for those on the move. How to cover difficult walls, working around windows, doors and arches, making decorative double welt, adding trims and borders and covering a vent or switch plate so it seems to disappear are topics that can be included.


Through images, beautiful samples and demonstrations, see a delightful collection of table linens, placemats, runners and napkins, that you can make yourself. Decorative techniques shown can include lattice work, shirred, mitered, reversible, banded and bullseye designs. Creating easy-to-do jumbo welt for your table-round is a sure winner. Learn what fabrics to use, how to measure, match designs and perfectly cut and sew a round, oval or other custom table covering. Some of the ideas are simple sewing machine techniques, but others are simply.”sewn” with an iron! And…you won’t want to miss seeing photos of awe-inspiring tabletop vignettes created by top designers that were featured in showhouses, retail displays and those incredible table-top charity design events.

Divide and Conquer

Folding screens and room dividers can add interest, divide a space and conveniently hide an area definitely not to be seen. They look complicated to create and certainly cost thousands when ordered custom-made, but in this step-by-step demonstration you will learn how to make your own padded folding screen while envisioning the fabrics that work best in your domain. You will be amazed at some of the materials being shown that keep the costs down, the carpentry skills to a minimum, yet still create fabulous results. The tools needed? Not to worry, most are the everyday toolbox finds or ones you will wonder how you lived without. From braid trim to nailheads in a row embellishments, this is a no-sew winner. Want more?… screens made with copper pipe and pvc frames can be added to the mix and even other quick ideas for a quick and snappy project!


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